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luxury budget accommodation, Romana square, Magheru Blvd, Amzei historic center,
Studio AMZEI (historic center) Bedroom AMZEI (historic center) Studio MAGHERU NOTTARA theater Studio FRENCH EMBASSY (Amzei) 1 Bedroom Apt FRENCH EMBASSY 2 Bedrooms Apartment (Romana) Villa ROMANA 2 Adjacent Apartments AMZEI 6/7p.
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Bucharest subway

Bucharest subway

Bucharest Center Subway Map

Bucharest Otopeni Coanda OTP airport

Bucharest Otopeni Henri Coanda OTP airport

"The new Terminal" doubles the capacity of the OTP / COANDA airport:
19.600 square meters, 52 check-in and 8 internal gates for arrivals and departures.
Cost : 62 million euros obtained from loans.
This Terminal takes over the low-cost flights, and 70% of air passenger traffic (5 million pax).

From the main railway station of Bucharest, NORTH RAILWAY STATION,
the best way to come is by subway (click the arrow of the subway map above):
Go to Piata Victoriei station, then change towards Piata Romana station,
Follow the instructions from PIATA ROMANA in the next paragraph.
If you like to walk, you are at 25mn from our office...

From the OTOPENI / HENRI COANDA International Airport:
By TRAIN, station located opposite the Arrivals hall of the airport,
until the North Railway station, then by subway (see previous paragraph).
By DIRECT BUS, go to the ground level in front of the Arrivals terminal,
pick up the 100 Express bus until PIATA ROMANA station,
after walking 100m on Magheru Blvd, at Mc Donald's (red traffic light),
turn at right in Tache Ionescu street,
go until the next corner of the Tache Ionescu and Mendeleev streets,
we are now in front of you at Mendeleev street 17, interphone 535.
You can leave your luggage, free of charge, in our office during our usual program.
Call 0724 79 77 78 when you are in Romania.
Romania is in the E.C. but not still in the Euro zone. So, you have to pay everything in the national money, Lei. Don't forget to change your Euro/$! Exchange houses and ATM are in the close surroundings of our apartments.

Warning! By taxi you risk to be overcharged.
Take a taxi after checking the rate on the car AND ask the driver to start the tax meter!
Licensed taxis wait for you in a taxi station located at the exit of the airport Terminal.
You can also request our car service.

This is the quickest means of transportation in Bucharest.
From our accommodations, your departure station is ''ROMANA station'', at 3min from your apartment, very close from Magheru Mc Donald's and KFC.
Click on the arrow of the photo above to see the Bucharest center subway map... Enjoy!

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